10 Roadblocks that Nearly Derailed These Home Renovations

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Renovating your home is exciting - but it's not always easy. Sometimes it feels like anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you are feeling discouraged about your current home renovations, or just simply want to be entertained, take a look at these 10 missteps that nearly derailed these homeowners' best laid plans:
  1. This couple got a crash course in the complexity of masonry when 55 of their 80 tiles were damaged on delivery. Once ordering more, the new tiles looked a lot different than the ones already laid!
  2. Another couple cut their counter top too short, so they had to to have a whole new one made.
  3. Getting help from a designer? Make sure they aren't making decisions without you. As one couple learned the hard way, you may end up with a glow-in-the-dark garage!
  4. Before you order appliances and other large structures, be sure they can fit through your doors!
  5. After removing the carpet you may find an unpleasant surprise - as one couple did. Chipping away at parquet may slow your improvements down a bit!
  6. Speaking of unpleasant surprises, you may find out you have mold behind your drywall. 
  7. If you want your renovation to go smoothly, pray that your oven hood has been working properly. Otherwise, you may have to spend some time cleaning the grease out of the ceiling.
  8. Choosing and applying wallpaper may seem like a good bonding experience - but, as you may have learned, it's probably wiser to hire a professional.
  9. That old wood paneling may be harder to remove than you thought. Just so you know...
  10. Before ordering beautiful, new, custom-made cabinets, make sure they're not too tall or too short. Remember, measure twice, build once!
These obstacles frustrated these particular homeowners, but similar problems arise all the time. It's important to remember that all these folks made it through the roadblocks and are now enjoying their newly renovated homes. So stay strong and pray you don't run into any problems as messy as these!