Avoid These 4 Renovations When Selling Your Home

There are four renovations you should avoid if you plan on selling your house.

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When you put your home on the market, you might look for ways to make it stand out from the competition. Everyone wants to get the most money for their home, and sellers will consider updating certain property features to persuade interested buyers that their home is worth more. 

However, there are a surprising number of renovations that are less likely to recoup value. Here are four projects that you should specifically avoid:

1. Expensive light fixtures: If you’re updating your home for yourself, these can be a great way to make your home your own. If your home will be someone else’s soon, though, you should probably sidestep this renovation.

2. New carpeting: If you need to remove old carpeting from your home, it’s best to replace that carpet with something other than more carpet. For instance: laminate, hardwood, and stone are some options that most buyers find appealing, and they’re also competitive with carpeting prices. The finished look will be very sleek. 

Neutral, calming colors always work best for a new paint job.

3. Bold paint colors: Walls are something every interested buyer will look at. Painting is a good way to bring a fresh look to a space and it’s relatively inexpensive, but it’s important to pick neutral colors when doing so. Bold paint choices may be fun for you, but there is no guarantee that those colors will work for a potential buyer. Neutral, calming colors always work best. 

4. Landscape projects: Or more specifically, overspending on landscape projects. Your home’s curb appeal is very important, as first impressions can make or break a buyer’s interest. You may be tempted to overspend on landscaping, but if you’re thinking of selling soon, your investment in this area won’t get you your money back. 

If you have any questions about home renovations or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d be glad to help.