How We Are Using Technology to Sell Your Home

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It is no secret that today is a “here and now” world. Whether this means that people want access to information instantly, or expect to receive communications on a much faster level, things have changed. The fact is that technology has changed the stakes in the real estate industry. In fact, with the advent of smartphones and the relatively recent influx of them in our daily lives, it seems that everyone has one to use it for business and for personal use.

In terms of real estate, how can using technology help us as your Realtors to get you the best possible outcome on your deals? Simple. We use it in every aspect of the business. When you list your home with us, we use real time instant access through our smartphones to share with you up to date information about your listing. When we receive any communications showing buyer interest, we instantly let you know because we have access to the countless inquiries that come in our MLS for our properties. When a buyer browses your listing, we find out and we pass that information along.

Effective Marketing

In terms of marketing, we use the technology in myriad ways. Starting with including your property on countless search engines.  These are accessible on exclusively designed mobile access sites for people to easily search while on the go. Our reach is extended far and wide due to social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – all allow for instant access to your listing as well as provides an opportunity for interactive feedback on the property. With exclusive subscriptions to some specialized search engines, when buyers from all over the region seek properties that match your listing, we are notified instantly and the buyers are provided our information to contact us.

Seamless Communication

Seamless communication with each other in our offices allows us to be able to get contracts and paperwork done quickly and efficiently. Unlike the old school method of needing to have you come in to the office for each addendum or amendment on your contract, technology saves everyone time, allowing us to focus on more important aspects of your purchase or sale. If there are questions or concerns, we are accessible virtually around the clock at our clients’ convenience – all due to technological advances that make it possible.

Regular Stream of Information

As evident in the video you received from us where we share information with you regularly, we utilize face-to-face methods of communication that are built on convenience and customization. Our clients have the freedom to control when they can hear from us, in a whole new way. Through our videos, we provide detailed and updated information about market data, statistics, trends and other relevant issues so that when the time comes for you to implement your real estate goals, you are prepared and armed with the knowledge you need to proceed.
Gone are the days where you would leave a message for your real estate agent, hoping to hear back from them the same week. Now, with the use of technology, you can achieve success with your real estate endeavors given the utmost convenience and efficiency. We invite you to contact us today so we can work with you to make your real estate dreams become reality.

Why Getting An Appraisal Before Selling Your Property Makes Sense; Plus Some Prep Tips

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At a time when all transactions from the seller’s perspective are a welcome occurrence, it only makes sense to do anything and everything we can to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.  One area to be wary of is when it comes to the selling price of the home.  It is definitely a buyers’ market these days and buyers know it.  Their savvy comes to the surface when the most important part of the transaction occurs – settling on a price.  

Preparedness on the seller’s part is one way to make sure that there are no surprises for either party.  By making sure that the home is accurately priced to begin with, there will be less time wasted in going back and forth, the home will be sold within fewer Days On Market and all sides of the transaction will be happy.

What Exactly is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is when a professional visits a home or property and through a series of steps, observations and comparisons makes an assessment as to what the fair market value is for the property.  Typically this is done at the request of a bank that has been sought to provide a loan to homeowners wanting to purchase the home in question, however more and more often existing homeowners are having their homes appraised prior to listing the property on the market.

Among factors that are considered when determining the fair market value of a home are the physical condition of the home, its structure and functionality – plus also the performance of other homes on the market or those that recently sold in the neighborhood.  A comparison is made based on other, similar homes in the area. 

It is important not to confuse a home appraisal with a home inspection.  A home inspection is a detailed account of every last working aspect of the home and its condition, whereas an appraisal is more general. The cost of having an appraisal done is on average anywhere from $300 to $500, with the end result being a detailed report outlining all the factors looked at by the professional appraiser. 

What is the Benefit of Getting An Appraisal Done?
In most cases the buyers’ lending institution will have its own appraisal done on a property they have been asked to finance.  However as a seller, if you have had one done in advance, it will give you the advantage and edge of knowing the ballpark range that your home is currently valued at so that you can accurately price your property to sell.  The greatest advantage is that you can go into a transaction with potential buyers knowing that your price is realistic.  There is a growing occurrence of bank-appointed appraisers coming in with values that run less than the listed price and also less than what the buyer and seller had agreed on. To avoid the unnecessary waste of time, loss of interest in the property on the buyers’ part or the potential loss of sale altogether, it makes sense for the seller to know what to expect in advance. 

How to Prepare for an Appraisal
Our tips on how to get ready for an appraisal can potentially yield a better result.

  •  Complete all maintenance (interior and exterior) including correcting any problems plus maintaining the yard and home’s exterior
  •  Share with the appraiser all new installations and improvements made to the home
  •   Be aware of selling prices of other homes in the neighborhood
  •   Be ready to explain and demonstrate why your home is different than others in the area
  •  Maintain up-to-date knowledge of your real estate market prices
  •   Keep a polite attitude with the appraiser and provide them full access to all areas of your home
  •   Treat your appraisal day as if it were an open house day, keeping your home in tip top shape, neat and clean so they can see the home for what it is rather than have their judgment be clouded by distractions

Understanding Your Credit Report

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Credit outlook is the most important aspect of the financial lives of millions of Americans.  In fact, it is almost as unique as a thumbprint so it should be guarded and carefully protected.  Not only does your credit report share an in-depth insight into your most personal financial details but it also shows those people that are accessing the report a lot about your financial personality.

So if you are buying a home or automobile, want a credit card, have applied for new phone service or anything else that requires the pulling of your credit report, beware and be aware of what is on your report.

A Credit Report Is a Glimpse Of Your Financial Lifestyle
Though mortgage companies view a different version than you do, bear in mind that the details are very much available and ready to see to any creditor that chooses to look over the history of your financial responsibility.  The single most determining factor in deciding your mortgage application aside from your income eligibility and a few other aspects, is your FICO score.  Lenders take the average of all three scores obtained from the three reporting agencies but when you view your report you will have access to one FICO score rather than the average of all three.  You will however be able to view the same detailed information visible to creditors.

The basics will be included on the report but in addition there will also be contact information for each of your creditors, type of credit, the loan and/or credit amount that corresponds with each and the date each line of credit was established. There will also be information about any judgments against you and any settlements you may have made in the past.  Any derogatory things such as repossessions, bankruptcy, past due amounts or debts that have gone to collection will be included on the credit report as well. There is a new trend that has become more prevalent with many creditors, where agencies report your rental payment history and other things showing how responsible you are with debt in situations other than just those that appear on a standard credit report . The CoreLogic® CoreScore report is a new report that almost acts as Big Brother, reporting a lot more detail on your spending habits as a consumer.

Things To Look Out For When Reviewing Your Credit Report
One of the best things you can do for your financial health is to pull your credit report at least once every six months.  Check your report for any discrepancies and most importantly be aware of your financial situation.

If the balance owed is very close to or equal to the maximum high balance limit on any or all of your lines of credit it raises a red flag to potential creditors.  That shows you have reached the maximum credit limit on a number of your responsibilities, and it is a factor that could get in the way of your obtaining new credit.  As soon as you see your credit has reached about 80% of the maximum limit it is a good idea to start paying your debt down as soon as possible. 
Additionally, if you see any derogatory items that are inaccurate you should work to resolve them by contacting the creditor and setting the record straight.


The best way to ensure strong financial health is to be aware, stay up to date on your report and maintain accuracy.  Using the report as a tool you can guide your financial situation to where you want to be and once there, be sure to stay on top.  For assistance in pulling your credit report or any other inquiries you may have, contact your loan officer or Realtor today!