3 Great Reasons to List Your Home This Fall

Don’t fall for the common misconception that this time of year is a bad time to list your home. Now is a great time to sell for three key reasons.

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Now that summer has come to a close, many homeowners may think they have missed their chance to sell their home this year. There is a common misconception that our market comes to a screeching halt his fall. That is simply not the case.

Since buyers have fewer homes to choose from this time of year, yours will be sure to stand out.

Keep these reasons in mind if you’re contemplating whether or not to list your home now:
  1. You will have less competition. Most homeowners think they have missed out on the selling season, so they decide to wait until the following spring to put their home on the market. By listing your home now, you’ll avoid the rush of new listings that we see in the spring. Since buyers have fewer homes to choose from this time of year, yours will be sure to stand out. 
  2. Buyers are more motivated this time of year. Now that school is back in session, buyers want to get into a new home before the holidays. They have a deadline, which gives you more leverage. It’s also more common for companies to relocate people this time of year. Relocation buyers are highly motivated to get into a new home before January 1. If you wait until next spring to list your home, you’ll completely miss out on this highly motivated group. 
  3. Your home looks great surrounded by fall colors. The lawns are still green, the leaves are just starting to turn, and full plants, like mums, are just starting to bloom. Now is a great time to take listing photos and wow potential buyers both in person and online.
If you have any more questions about listing in the fall or you’re curious about what’s happening in our northern New Jersey market, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you.