Which High-Tech Upgrades Should You Make Before Listing?

Millennials and other tech-savvy buyers make up a big portion of our market. So, which three upgrades will help your listing stand out?

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Millennial buyers are making up more and more of the market these days. This is a tech-savvy demographic that places a lot of value on gadgets both in and out of the home. 

So, if you are thinking of listing your home, you may want to think about adding these three high-tech upgrades to your home:

Millennial buyers aren’t the only ones who want more technology.
  1. A smart thermostat. This is one easy improvement that won’t cost much to install. This piece of technology will allow your home’s future owner to control the thermostat from anywhere inside the home and even from outside of it, as well. Millennials tend to care about the environment, ranking it as a top consideration in their home purchase, and this gadget can definitely boost your home’s energy efficiency. 
  2. Home surveillance. There are options for this feature at every price range. Wi-Fi-enabled front door cameras and individual cameras can cost as little as $30 while full systems will start at approximately $180. The added safety this provides will be a big draw for buyers.
  3. Smart kitchen technology. If you already plan to update your kitchen, you may want to look into adding some smart appliances. Smart refrigerators are a good example. Many smart refrigerator models even come with a built-in camera and Wi-Fi connection so that you can easily keep track of your groceries. You might also think about adding inexpensive, no-touch faucets.
According to HGTV, 46% of consumers see smart home technology as important for their current and future residences. Millennial buyers aren’t the only ones who want more technology. 

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