6 Small Bathroom Updates That Make a Big Difference

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Bathroom upgrades bring some of the highest return of any home renovation projects, and today we’re going to cover six of the best upgrades any homeowner can make.
  1. Update your showerhead. Not only does a new showerhead offer a more enjoyable experience, but it can also reduce your energy costs.
  2. Install a soaker tub. The reign of the jacuzzi tub is over at long last. Now, soaker tubs have taken their place as the hottest trend in bathroom features today.
  3. Add a walk-in shower. These features are also popular and make a great addition during any bathroom upgrade.
  4. Swap large mirrors out for smaller ones. Mirrors that took up the entire space above a sink were once en vogue, but smaller, framed mirrors are now widely preferred.
  5. Update the lighting. New lighting fixtures can make a room look and feel brand new.
  6. Update the vanity. Swapping out certain features of the vanity to give it a more up-to-date and polished look can be a great way to transform the entire bathroom.
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