5 Tips for Moving With Pets

If you’re moving, you need to think about your four-legged friend, too. Here are a few ways to make the move easier on your dog.

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If you think the process of moving is stressful for you, think about what your dog is feeling! Moving from an old home to a new one can confuse your pet, but there are a few easy things you can do to make this an easier and more enjoyable experience for your best friend: 

1. Tell your dog you are moving. I know it might sound silly, but we all talk to our dogs. Although they can’t understand the words we are saying, they can understand and become accustomed to change. A good idea is to take your dog on some walks in your new neighborhood near your new home before you move in.

2. Arrange your new home in a similar manner. Organizing your new home like your old one can help bring a nice level of comfort to your pets quickly. Put their treats and toys in similar places, too.

Getting a new dog tag is a good idea.

3. Research local vets before moving. Print that information out and save it for after you move. You’ll be happy you did.

4. Get an updated dog tag. If you’re moving addresses, getting a new tag is smart. If your dog happens to get out, your neighbors will know how to reach you and where you live.

5. Research the local laws regarding pets. You may have to re-register your pup with the new state or city you’re moving to.

Keep in mind that change is scary for your dog, too. Try to comfort your pup as much as possible during the move by showing a ton of affection. After all, moving can be RUFF!

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