Not Later, Right Now: Stop Procrastinating

 Most everyone puts off doing something until later. Here are two tips you can use to curb your habit of procrastination.

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The word ‘procrastination’ comes from the Latin roots ‘pro’ and ‘cras',  meaning ‘belonging to tomorrow.’

If you’re like anyone else on Earth, you put things off until tomorrow. There are things you can do and should do, but for one reason or another, you put it off. We’re here to help with two tips to stop procrastinating.

1. A little goes a long way. The Japanese call it ‘kaizen.’ Author James Clear calls it the ‘two-minute rule.’ The idea is if you do something for a small amount of time, it is easy; you won’t feel guilty about stopping after two minutes because that was the time you gave yourself. More than likely, you will continue a bit longer. Those two minutes, however, are arbitrary—it can be 30 seconds. There are so many tasks that we put off that could be completed in about a minute, and it helps to create habits without weighing yourself down.

There are so many tasks that we put off that could be complete in about a minute.

2. Procrastinate correctly. Contrary to what you might think, procrastination isn’t a bad thing. Many amazing people we consider to be geniuses and effective individuals were chronic procrastinators. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright completed what was arguably his most famous work, a landmark home called Falling Water, in two hours after procrastinating. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart regularly and intentionally procrastinated on his masterpieces, so much that pages were often still wet with ink at performance time. Many procrastinate to light a fire under themselves, and the desperation to complete something leaves little space for hesitation and self-criticism that so often gets in the way of the creative process.

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