How We Are Using Technology to Sell Your Home

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It is no secret that today is a “here and now” world. Whether this means that people want access to information instantly, or expect to receive communications on a much faster level, things have changed. The fact is that technology has changed the stakes in the real estate industry. In fact, with the advent of smartphones and the relatively recent influx of them in our daily lives, it seems that everyone has one to use it for business and for personal use.

In terms of real estate, how can using technology help us as your Realtors to get you the best possible outcome on your deals? Simple. We use it in every aspect of the business. When you list your home with us, we use real time instant access through our smartphones to share with you up to date information about your listing. When we receive any communications showing buyer interest, we instantly let you know because we have access to the countless inquiries that come in our MLS for our properties. When a buyer browses your listing, we find out and we pass that information along.

Effective Marketing

In terms of marketing, we use the technology in myriad ways. Starting with including your property on countless search engines.  These are accessible on exclusively designed mobile access sites for people to easily search while on the go. Our reach is extended far and wide due to social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others – all allow for instant access to your listing as well as provides an opportunity for interactive feedback on the property. With exclusive subscriptions to some specialized search engines, when buyers from all over the region seek properties that match your listing, we are notified instantly and the buyers are provided our information to contact us.

Seamless Communication

Seamless communication with each other in our offices allows us to be able to get contracts and paperwork done quickly and efficiently. Unlike the old school method of needing to have you come in to the office for each addendum or amendment on your contract, technology saves everyone time, allowing us to focus on more important aspects of your purchase or sale. If there are questions or concerns, we are accessible virtually around the clock at our clients’ convenience – all due to technological advances that make it possible.

Regular Stream of Information

As evident in the video you received from us where we share information with you regularly, we utilize face-to-face methods of communication that are built on convenience and customization. Our clients have the freedom to control when they can hear from us, in a whole new way. Through our videos, we provide detailed and updated information about market data, statistics, trends and other relevant issues so that when the time comes for you to implement your real estate goals, you are prepared and armed with the knowledge you need to proceed.
Gone are the days where you would leave a message for your real estate agent, hoping to hear back from them the same week. Now, with the use of technology, you can achieve success with your real estate endeavors given the utmost convenience and efficiency. We invite you to contact us today so we can work with you to make your real estate dreams become reality.


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