You CAN Get a Check at Closing – Start With Determining the Value of Your Home

You CAN Get a Check at Closing – Start With Determining the Value of Your Home

More and more homeowners are realizing that with current market conditions as they are, they actually have more equity in their property than they thought was possible. There’s a good reason for this despite the stigma we’ve experienced in recent years that came from the housing bubble (and subsequent bursting of that bubble). As a result of a combination of several factors – ranging from seller demand and current supply of homes, to the condition of your home and current market activity – sellers are back on top!

That’s great news for most homeowners looking to move on but the first step is to find out what the current market value of your home is so you can truly realize the potential for a great return on your investment.

Real Time Market Information Reports Shed Light on Value
Over the years we have helped so many people move on to a better situation for them. And in our experiences we’ve developed very effective tools and services to help our clients achieve their goals. One of the services we provide our many clients is to help them determine what buyers today would be willing to pay for their properties.

You may have heard the term “comparables”. In the real estate world we are talking about other homes of similar size, build, condition and locale that help us shape the value of your existing home. Additionally we look at how your municipality’s assessor values the property. After evaluating multiple aspects of your neighborhood’s current real estate environment we assemble a comprehensive report to prove our professional opinion of value.

Before making the important decision of whether to sell your home or stay put, it is critical to gauge in advance how much money you will walk away with at closing. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Detailed Walkthroughs With Customized Advice To Get You Top Dollar

Another service we provide that countless homeowners find invaluable is a walkthrough of your home where we help you compile a list of things you can do to enhance its value. This will ultimately get you top dollar at closing. Some of the suggestions include sharing insight about the trends that today’s buyers are seeking, or information about minor cosmetic or major renovations that will help yield a significant return on investment. After years of helping homeowners effectively sell their homes, we know just the things a home needs for the offers to come pouring in.

If selling your home is a goal but you’re not quite sure there is enough equity in your property for you to be able to walk away with a check in hand – contact us today. We’ll give you our honest opinion and help you to achieve your goals!

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