9 ways to prepare your home for winter

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 9 ways to prepare your home for winter

Hi, I’m Debby Adler with the Adler home team. Today we wanted to speak to you about how you can prepare your home for winter. Now that the Polar Vortex has left us freezing, it's important to protect your home from the potential damages of extreme temperatures, snow and ice. Here are some ways to keep your property safe!

1.    Get your furnace inspected, cleaned and tuned up. It will save you hundreds of dollars each winter.
2.    Have your snow blower tuned up.
3.    Prevent ice jams by having gutters cleaned and prepared for winter.
4.    Turn off all exterior faucets. Water should be drained from the line so that you don't have any cracks or bursts during the winter.
5.    Turn on your generator and let it run for a bit.  Be sure to have gas on hand.
6.    Check your sump pump.
7.    Get your chimney inspected. If you plan on enjoying some fires this winter make sure everything is cleaned and inspected to prevent possible accidents.
8.    Weather-strip your doors and set up timers on your lights.
9.    If you are heading out on vacation, turn off the water and the main valve to prevent any cracks or bursts.

Thanks for your time. Please reach out to us for any questions at any time. Enjoy your day.

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