How Can Trading Up Solve Your Space Issues?

Northern NJ Real Estate Expert Debbie Adler Discusses how trading up can solve your space issues

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Hi, I’m Debby Adler with the Adler Home Team. Today we wanted to speak to you about trading up.

Are you outgrowing your current home and thinking it might be time to look for a bigger home? If so, you are in the market to trade up! There are several reasons that our clients are choosing to trade up.  

First, buyers want to lock in the mortgage rates while they are at an all-time low. Locking in these rates now is a wise investment.
Second, trading up also locks in any future appreciation that a home may have. The more expensive the home, the more it will appreciate in value over time.

There are a few ways that you can trade up:
• Sell your existing home first and then purchase a new one.
•Purchase a new home first and sell your old home at a later date.

Whichever step you prefer, we are here to provide you with expert guidance and advice throughout the process, ensuring that you make good decisions with the best results possible.

Thanks for your time. Please reach out to us for any questions at any time. Enjoy your day.


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