5 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Feel like pampering your beloved family pet? These are my five favorite ways.

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Just how much would you say you love your dog? Enough to spoil them? If so, it's your lucky day because I want to share with you a list of five easy low-cost ways to spoil your dog.
  1. Walk a new route: It's vital to walk your dog regularly even if you have a yard. It's not just a way to pass the time for dogs, it's an important exercise for mental stimulation. Try changing routes every few days to keep your dog excited and alert. It will also help teach them about the neighborhood in case they get lost.
  2. Make them a personalized meal: It sounds extravagant, but it's easier than you think and you can find recipes online. Be sure to avoid harmful food like onions, raisins, and chocolate. 
  3. Go for a ride: Dogs absolutely love car rides, and unlike people, the destination rarely matters to them. Talk to them as you ride, too.

  4. Social trips to the vet will make the necessary trips down the road less stressful.

  5. Full-service scratching: It doesn't cost a thing to pamper your dog with one of their favorite things—scratches! Dedicate five or 10 minutes to it, and for that time, your dog will feel like the top dog.
  6. A social vet visit: It may sound torturous, but many people don't realize that you can take your dog to the vet for a social visit. They'll not only enjoy the visit with other animals, it will help them associate the vet's office with good times. This will make future visits less stressful.
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