5 Things That Could Be Sabotaging Your Home Sale

Today I am looking at five silly things that may be sabotaging your home sale. 

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If your home is in decent shape and not really in need of a huge, total overhaul, then you might think that it’s ready to go on the market as it is. However, little things that you really wouldn't expect can end up being deal breakers for potential buyers. This is why today I want to share part one of a two-part series on the nine silly little things that could be sabotaging your home sale. 

To start, you want to give your home a good look by going through it as if you had buyer's eyes. You have to detach yourself so that you can see what the problems are and fix them now before they become big problems when buyers are doing their inspections. Here are the first five things you need to watch out for that could be sabotaging your home sale:

1. Cords hanging from your mounted TV. This is really one of those things that tend to fade into the background in a home that we live in every day. While you may not notice it, new eyes may go straight to those dangling cords and wonder why you didn't take the next step and hide them in the wall. Anything that makes a potential buyer question whether you cut corners or were lazy elsewhere could spell bad news for your home sale. Once they see one thing, they think there could be more.

2. Unkempt yard. After you take all the time and effort to clean up the flower beds, plant new blooms, and mulch everything, a storm comes through only to blow leaves into your yard. Unfortunately, you can't leave those leaves strewn all over the yard because it gives a poor first impression, so you will have to get them cleaned up. Remember, you can't make another first impression.

While most homebuyers may not mind if animals live in the home that they are considering purchasing, they really don't want to see and smell evidence of them.

3. Dingy front door. Buyers look at your front door for curb appeal and, once again, to decide their first impression. You want them to see a nice-looking door with fresh paint, not a chipped door with old cobwebs and worn hardware. If it is a glass door, make sure it is clean and shiny. Your home may look great inside, but you need to make a great first impression, or your potential buyers may not get passed it. Luckily, this is an easy fix that consistently rates high on the return-on-investment scale.

4. Animals. While most homebuyers may not mind if animals live in the home that they are considering purchasing, unless of course there are severe allergy issues, they really don't want to see and smell evidence of them. You have probably gathered up and stowed away the box of toys, bowls, etc., but have you considered the smell? You may not notice a smell, but first-time visitors will notice it immediately. You can visit PetMD to get tips on how to make your home smell pet-free. 

5. Cobwebs. These sneak up on you. Even if you have a pretty clean home, there still may be areas that need attention, like ceiling fans, window sills that are out of reach, etc. You may not have a housekeeper on a regular basis, but having one come in for a one-time deep clean before you put your home on the market is really a good investment. It will help ensure that potential buyers don't nitpick or find a reason to question your home's condition.

Next time, I’ll share the rest of the items you need to watch out for that could sabotage your home sale. If you have any questions about this topic or are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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