Don’t Make These 5 Common Home Selling Mistakes

What should home sellers know before they begin their journey? Here are five great tips.

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I’m here today to talk to you about common mistakes that could sink your chances of a successful home sale. Though there really is a wealth of information out there for buyers, there isn’t as much available for those looking to sell. That’s why I’m here today to share with you five common but critical mistakes sellers should avoid when it comes time to list their property: 1. Pricing your home too high. There are three ways you can price your home: You can price it above market value and hope that a buyer comes along; you can price it at market value and take advantage of the interest it generates; or you can price below market value and potentially drum up a bidding war. Typically, pricing at or below market value is the best strategy in our market. 2. Not hiring a real estate agent. Many sellers assume that they can save money by not hiring an agent. However, the commission fee is a small price to pay for the service that an experienced agent can provide. Top-quality Realtors know how to leverage cutting-edge marketing techniques to help you earn top dollar for your home.
Ordering a pre-listing inspection allows you to get ahead of any potential issues.

3. Not making home improvements before listing. Sellers should do whatever it takes to make their property shine before putting it on the market. Decluttering, cleaning, and staging can really go a long way. If your home doesn’t make a good first impression on buyers, you won’t be able to command the price that you deserve.

4. Not ordering a pre-listing inspection. Ordering an inspection before your home hits the market will allow you to identify and possibly resolve issues ahead of time. Also, having a home inspection report ready for buyers to review can really expedite the process.

5. Being present during showings. Buyers probably won’t be comfortable expressing their honest opinions about your property if you’re there listening in. When it comes time for a showing, it’s best for sellers to be gone altogether.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. If you have any questions for us in the meantime or if you need our assistance with buying or selling a home, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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