Q: Does a Quick Offer Mean My House Was Underpriced?

Here’s why receiving an offer quickly shouldn’t be a red flag for sellers.

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Oftentimes, sellers will ask if a quick offer means that their home was priced too low. This is certainly a common conception, and an understandable one at that—no one wants to discover that they’ve done themselves a disservice by pricing their home below its actual value. Thankfully, this fear is almost always unfounded. 

Before listing, the homeowner and their agent will have already discussed their intentions, what the expectations are, what the timeline is, and how the agent can best serve the homeowner. A quick offer means that the home was priced properly. It doesn't mean that we’re undercutting the seller or that the home is undervalued; a home will never sell under the market value because market value is simply defined as what a buyer is willing and able to pay for the home. In other words, market values are set by the buyers in that particular market. A key aspect to remember is that market value and list price aren’t always the same. 

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  1. I just completed the purchase of my lifelong dream house with the assistance of real estate agents. My realtor assisted me in contacting the seller of the property and setting the selling price of the property. He also took care of all the paperwork, so I was able to finalize the deal with ease.